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28is OCTOVRIOU 57  STR.   

10433    ATHENS


+30 2108259551

MEMNEO architecture is an Athens-based architectural practice founded in 2020 by Theodora Spathi, Dafni Zografou (and Thalia Sahinidi until 2022).

MEMNEO derives its name by an ancient form of the Greek verb μιμνήσκω, meaning “to remember”.

Memory plays a critical role in the approach of our practice. In any scale, programme and concept of project, our work instigates from stories told by materials, textures, patterns, human-made and natural environments, as well as living space itself. Reflecting on the constantly enriching narratives of structures, and inspired by the relationship we develop with our clients along all stages of the creative process, we build up our vocabulary. We explore architecture through the concept of composition, using these articulated elements in delicate equilibrium or sometimes in suspenseful relation, in quest for honesty and simplicity in the forms we produce developing a unique identity for each and every project. 

Our personal, experimental model of conceptual work states our vision for the future of architecture. As experienced young professionals we aim to serve this vision by managing each project with personal care bringing carefully detailed results of high aesthetic value. We will always allow ourselves to admire and learn from good craftsmanship, human gesture and the power of natural elements. Aware -yet not nostalgic, respectful -yet innovative, we imagine spaces as creative territories with infinite possibilities of hosting experience. 

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller

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